Broseley Hall Bakery goes Purple for epilepsy

epilepsy 1

March 26th was Purple Day, the international day for epilepsy awareness.

Epilepsy affects over 60,000 people in the UK. People of all ages from babies to the elderly and every age in between.

Electrical activity is happening in our brain all the time. Despite many people still thinking people with epilepsy are possessed, the condition is actually when there is a sudden burst of intense electrical activity. This is often referred to as epileptic activity. This intense electrical activity causes a temporary disruption to the way the brain normally works, meaning that the brain’s messages become mixed up. The result is an epileptic seizure.

Epilepsy is very close to my heart so, when the Warrington Hospital Paediatric Epilepsy team asked me to bake cakes to raise money for Purple Day, I couldn’t say no.

epilepsy 2

Windsor Cake Craft had loads of purple cupcakes and dyes so off I went.

Together, we made over £200.

For more information about Purple Day and epilepsy, visit:


epilepsy 3


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